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About my practice

DR. SUSAN STUBITS welcomes the opportunity to briefly present its practice areas and expertise and give a short information about what sort of legal work I can offer to my potential Clients.

The Firm primarily provides its services in the areas of commercial law, company law and financial law and real estate law. Within the scope of commercial law, the Firm practice area includes intellectual property law, media law, telecommunications, information technology, e-commerce and internet law.

The Firm has over 30 years of experience in conducting commercial transactions.

Our principle is to provide professional legal advice and legal representation to our Clients for competitive attorney fees. We always offer high level of client care and client orientated services, with a dedicated lawyer who will be the main contact point to our clients and this enables us to respond quickly and deliver professional solutions. The main principle is to focus on the Client and handle the individual cases by providing practical and comprehensive legal solutions – I have over 30 years of experience in the following areas of business law.

General area of business
Drafting, editing and reviewing contracts.
Supporting the preparation of large transactions.
Providing general legal advice relating to the operation of management and corporate in-house administration – we have 18 years of experience in this area.
Participation in business meetings, providing legal assistance - in Hungarian and English languages.
We have 8 years of experience in the area of banking/finance and 10 years of professional experience in telecommunications law.
Also have experience of conflict resolution - possibly driving for out-of-court settlement for avoiding the litigation of the case.

The Law Firm has direct contact with specialists with 30 years of experience in financing and banking services. At the requests of our Clients these specialists can provide due diligence services regarding the financing status of Hungarian companies together with the Law Firm that provides the legal due diligence services in a package.

The Firm has direct contact with one of the most experienced competition experts in Hungary who has a comprehensive and complex knowledge on local and international competition regulation. With his assistance, our Law Firm represents its Clients in cases in front of the Office of Economic Competition. The mentioned specialist can provide comprehensive consulting services both in the filed of Hungarian and EU competition regulations.

The technical background of the professional level of computer knowledge and over 15 years of practice provides professional legal services, as well as high level of business and financial English language skills in negotiation and drafting of legal documentation. By the constant availability of my mobile communications I offer to perform specific tasks within a short period of time.

Commercial Law – our services include preparing and resolving legal issues related to all types of commercial transactions - production, distribution and sales. Our work is based on the requirements the business conditions and the established business processes of our Clients.

IT Law – being one of the most dynamically developing areas of law, including in the broader sense the media law through the substantial regulations of e-commerce area. IT means the basis for the operation and communications of the companies, providing planning and controlling functions to the management. IT today is the basis for the operation of corporate enterprises, corporate strategy and an integral part of planning and management as an essential tool in the field of corporate governance.

We also advise our Client on data protection issues.

Corporate Law - Our firm is experienced in corporate matters and supporting the management and the shareholders in the legal aspects of the corporate operation and transactions.

Private Individual Clients - We represent them in many areas of civil law, which includes, inter alia, real estate and family law as well as inheritance law and remedial management (recovery and execution process) and within the representation of Clients in litigation process related thereto.

Our Firm is flexible on negotiating fee structures. We offer two structures or the combination thereof. The basis of the structure is the hourly rate or a project rate with fixed fee. The fee structure is always subject to the requirements of our Clients and the aim to have flexible billing. In case the Client needs a project rate we estimate a top limit, which allows our clients to budget the costs. Such rating is based on the nature of the project and the foreseen circumstances, as well as the terms and conditions our clients require.

Invoices are prepared on a monthly basis following the actual calendar month. Our Law Firm prepare detailed time records to each invoice which indicates the work done and the daily time record of the responsible lawyer. The relevant invoice also includes direct costs and expenses occurred during our work, including shipping, telecommunications and travel expenses in Hungary, but excluding V.A.T. Any other costs and expenses which might arise outside Hungary are subject to prior written approval of our Clients.

Contact us and we would be pleased to offer high level of legal services and deliver professional legal solutions.

                                       DR. SUSAN STUBITS