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Practice Areas


Drafting and reviewing agency, supply, PR/marketing, commercial, franchise contracts;
Preparing contract administration systems and providing maintenance thereof;
Representing the client in negotiations of the contracts;
Supporting the client in complying with the requirements of commercial laws in production, packaging and marketing etc. areas;
Providing legal services and advice on banking and finance; and
Preparing and drafting miscellaneous contracts and contractual conditions relating to and in connection with applicable commercial regulations.
The Law Firm has direct contact with specialists with 30 years of experience in financing and banking services. At the requests of our Clients these specialists can provide due diligence services regarding the financing status of Hungarian companies together with the Law Firm that provides the legal due diligence services in a package.
The Law Firm has direct contact with one of the most experienced competition experts in Hungary who has a comprehensive and complex knowledge on local and international competition regulation. With his assistance, our Law Firm represents its Clients in cases in front of the Office of Economic Competition. The mentioned specialist can provide comprehensive consulting services both in the field of Hungarian and EU competition regulations


Advising corporate law issues;
Drafting corporate documents;
Representation in court registration procedures;
Supporting the management on a daily basis in the decision making process and attending management meetings;
Drafting internal bylaws and operational internal rules;
Advising on competition law matters;
Schedule and organize complex activities, such as meetings and department activities, provide administrative support of meetings, such as taking memos/minutes; organize management board meetings(including agenda and minutes) ; and
Drafting documentation of sale and transfer of business shares.


Preparing the terms and conditions, as well as drafting the following types of documents, representing the Client during the meetings with the supplier; 
Contract for the supply of an integrated it system;
Software development and license agreement;
Contract for the provision of support services;
Software license agreement;
Frame contract for system supply;
Design, manufacture, deliver, install, commission and prepare for acceptance, support system, including the required equipment and services;
HW supply framework agreement;
Supply of HW equipment for the system development of an existing and integrated it system of the buyer;
Software escrow agreement;
Documentation of bid invitation;
Consulting services contract.


Drafting of real estate sale and purchase agreements and related documentations;
Representing Clients in the land registration process;
Providing legal advice in finance and banking transactions related to the sale and purchase;
Providing legal advice for seller or buyer in the sales and purchase of real estates with lien or mortgage or other encumbrance on the property;
Drafting of real estate lease agreements (representing the lessor or the lessee in the negotiation process).


Representing Clients in divorce procedure and related legal process;
Representing Clients in litigation related to matrimonial estates;
Drafting of wills;
Drafting of contracts related to inheritance and representing Clients in the land registration process related thereto;
Representing Clients in litigation related to inheritance cases.


Drafting of documentations related to debt recovery procedures;
Representing Clients in the land registration process related to the registration of liens and mortgages;
Representing Clients in the issuance of payment orders;
Representing Clients in execution procedures;
Representing Clients in litigation related to the above.


Providing legal advice in out-of-court settlements;
Representing Clients in miscellaneous litigation cases.